Q&A with LA25 Member Amy Gimlen

June 15, 2016

Member Name: Amy Gimlen

Business Name/ Website (or physical address):
Gimlen Orthodontics
Locations in El Segundo and Manhattan Beach

Tell us a little bit about your business:
Gimlen Orthodontics' mission is to provide the best clinical outcomes with the best patient care. We believe that orthodontics goes beyond the function and aesthetics of our patients’ smiles, and strives to help them achieve personal growth and self-confidence, in addition to beautiful smiles.

What’s most rewarding about your work?
Seeing the transformation of my patients from the time they begin their orthodontic treatment to the end. It is truly amazing how much confidence they gain from having a smile that they are proud of.

How did you choose the nonprofit organizations that you support?
I choose to support local charities because that’s where I feel like we can make the maximum impact.

How do the philanthropic efforts of your business make our community a better place?
Whether it be my efforts for fundraising for arts education for the LA25, my decade long involvement with Sandpipers, or supporting education through our annual college scholarship or protecting our athletes by donating all the custom made mouth guards to El Segundo High’s football team- I can track and maximize my direct impact of what I do in the community. It is rewarding to see the efforts of my time and energy into making our neighborhood better.

Do your clients influence your choice of causes to support?
Absolutely! I love to donate to a cause that my patients are passionate about. I want my patients and their families to know I am not only committed to giving them a beautiful smile and functional bite that will last them a lifetime, but I am also committed to supporting them outside of the orthodontic office in their endeavors.

What are the biggest benefits of making social responsibility a priority?
Having a role in the betterment of your community is so important in an age where technology makes it easy to isolate ourselves.

What’s one simple way a local business can reach out and make a difference?
Being engaged in making your community a better place is essential, whether you are donating time, money or both. Show up to local events, sponsor a sports team, volunteer in your childs' school, or donate to your Education Foundation. If we all try to make an effort to improve the world around you, eventually we can improve the world at large.

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