Q&A with LA25 Member Adam Deierling

May 19, 2016

Member Name: Adam Deierling

Business Name/ Website (or physical address):
Industrial Property Trust (“IPT”) http://industrialpropertytrust.com/

Tell us a little bit about your business:
IPT is a public non-traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) focused on providing returns to our investors based on purchasing and operation industrial real estate in major markets across the country.

What’s most rewarding about your work?
I operate our West Coast portfolio, which affords me the opportunity to have my finger on the pulse of the industrial drivers in and around the most active industrial markets in the country. Additionally, working with as lean a model as IPT employs, I have the opportunity to execute on all facets of the commercial real estate business.

How did you choose the nonprofit organizations that you support?
I have followed my heart/passions when it comes to my philanthropic endeavors. Children and our military are two of the greatest things I am surrounded by in my life so it is a natural fit for me to support those groups in any way possible.

Do you host events to help the public learn about important topics?
I host a charity golf tournament annually which brings awareness to those less fortunate than most. We create awareness at this event for an issue/topic that tends to be eye-opening to most of our attendees. I also enjoy being involved in the philanthropic events we put on through LA25

How do the philanthropic efforts of your business make our community a better place?
IPT has always been open to and generous with causes that make a difference in people’s lives. As IPT becomes more successful, so too does our campaign to give back. When companies take on this persona, the world becomes a better place for all.

Do your clients influence your choice of causes to support?
We are always open to hearing about new charitable endeavors whether those come from our clients (which we do sponsor many of their campaigns), or from our own employees. IPT supports as many of these opportunities as possible.

What are the biggest benefits of making social responsibility a priority?
When those less fortunate and/or in need can be helped by those with capacity, the feelings of despair and helplessness diminish, which then hopefully becomes a contagion throughout all of society.

What’s one simple way a local business can reach out and make a difference?
Minimize internal waste (time, materials, unnecessary expenses) and return that benefit via gracious giving to those in need. Find something a business can relate to or be passionate about and then making a difference comes easy.

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