Washington Elementary students unveil art for Art90266

March 01, 2014

The students of Washington Elementary unveiled their all student art project for Art90266 - "We are one under the sun" ( Somos uno bajo el sol ), acrylic on canvas, 40" x 40". Washington Elementary principal Jacqueline O'Sullivan, Rachel Lipson from Hands on Art, and John Capellaro from LA25 were on hand to unveil the work. And give testament to the power of art and it's ability to inspire and help others.

The student's artwork will be auctioned at Art90266 at Shade Hotel on April 24th. The proceeds from the auction will fund trips for these children, over 1,400 approximately, to LACMA where they can see first hand the artists that have inspired them. Tickets for Art90266 can be purchased here www.art90266.org

Many thanks to Jaqueline O'Sullivan, Hands on Art and the amazing students of Washington Elementary!

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