LA25 art auction exceeds goals for 2012

November 19, 2013

It's official, Art90266 officially raised more than twenty two thousand dollars for arts and education in the South Bay in 2012. Thanks to the efforts of our LA25 members, The Redondo Beach Education Foundation, local artists and our corporate sponsors, we we're able to send every 2nd and 3rd grader, approximately 1,400 children, to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

We believe deeply that giving children an opportunity to experience art and discover their own “artist within” will enhance their skills and their ability to think critically, as well as give them a healthier sense of self. The arts are a window to the sacred and a vehicle for intelligence of all kinds. Our children deserve as rich an exposure to the arts as we can provide.

We want to extend a special thanks to the artists who have donated their time and talent - Al Satterwhite, Bo Bridges, Anthony Friedkin, Alex Weinstein, Tm Gratkowski, Robert Waxman, Robert Ketchum, Brian Kingston, Tricia Strikfaden, Lucian Capellaro, Joseph Chiang, Patrick Killen and Julie Tamaschiro’s 3rd grade art class at Tulita Elementary. Without your dedication to your talents and remarkable willingness to share your gifts this event would not be possible. Thank you.

To our sponsors and the many people responsible for creating this event, especially Paolucci Communication Arts, with particular thanks to Christopher Salling, John Capellaro, Mike Hoye Public Relations, Shade Hotel, Vox DJ’s, Hollywood Shorts, Bank of Manhattan, South Bay Magazine and all the members of LA25.

Thank you for making a very real difference in the lives of our children.

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LA25 announces plans to expand Art90266 art auction in 2014

February 10, 2014

On the heels of a successful 2012 auction, LA25 has announced the next installment of the annual ART90266 charity auction. The 2014 auction will be held at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach on April 24th. Proceeds will again raise money to send every 2nd and 3rd grader in the Redondo Beach Unified School District—approximately 1,400 children—to the renowned Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). In 2012, ART90266 raised more than $22,000 that directly funded LACMA field trips for 1,400 students throughout the 2013 school year. Since 2011, the fundraiser has raised more than $37,000 for educational charities in the South Bay.

“Thanks to the ART90266 auction and the generosity of our community, more than 1,400 of our students visited LACMA,” said Annette Alpern, Ed.D, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Services at the Redondo Beach Unified School District. “We are honored that LA25 has again chosen our students to be the recipients of proceeds of this year’s ART90266 auction,” said Alpern. “We can’t wait to share this experience with a new group of eager students.”

Organized by LA25, a network of entrepreneurial South Bay professionals, the ART90266 fundraiser is a live auction of fine art, photography and mixed media by world-class artists from within and around the South Bay. Previous artists have included renowned artists - Al Satterwhite, Anthony Friedkin, Alex Weinstein, Bo Bridges, Tricia Strickfaden and Brian Kingston. The money raised will go to the Redondo Beach Education Foundation, which will help arrange the excursions with the school district. “ART90266 is really becoming a fixture in our community,” said John Capellaro, co-founder of LA25. “This remarkable event brings us together for a common purpose. The artists, sponsors and guests are donating their time and money to a targeted program that will touch the lives of our children in the most positive way,” he said.

In 2014, ART90266 will expand into Zinc Lounge at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. “In the spirit of our continued growth, we are expanding the event space which will help us showcase more local artists, welcome new members of the community, and ultimately raise more money for the students,” said Capellaro. The Shade Hotel site has room for 250 guests.

Following the October 2012 ART90266 auction, LA25 developed a video to showcase the LACMA visits and power of art in the classroom. Many of the ART90266 contributing artists have works displayed at prestigious galleries in the nation, including LACMA, the New York Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian Institute’s National Portrait Gallery and the Houston Museum of Fine Art. Moon Tide Media’s Southbay magazine has signed on as a Platinum sponsor and preferred media partner. And Shade Manhattan Beach and Paolucci Communication Arts are Gold sponsors. ART90266 is currently accepting corporate sponsorships and artist submissions. For further information about tickets, sponsorship, donating art to the event, contact:

Sponsorship Inquiries: John Capellaro at or 310-463-4100.
Artist Inquiries: Christopher Salling at or 310-291-2659.

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LA25 works with RBEF and Washington Elementary to create a student art project for Art90266

February 26, 2014

LA25 has partnered with Redondo Beach Education Foundation, RBEF, to raise funds to send over 1,400 South Bay children to LACMA. Art90266 is a live art auction presented by LA25 that raises money through the donation and sale of local fine art, photography and mixed media. Previous artists have included Al Satterwhite, Anthony Friedkin, Alex Weinstein, Bo Bridges, Tricia Strikfaden and Brian Kingston. One of the best selling pieces of art from the last event was an all student art project, “Heads of the Class”, by Julie Tamashiro’s Tulita Elementary 3rd grade art class. The student collage was purchased for $3,000 by Russell Hossain, Executive Vice President of Bank of Manhattan, and proudly hangs in their Manhattan Beach office boardroom.

In 2014, LA25 will again work with RBEF to create another all student art project for live auction at Art90266. “ The collaborative effort of our students to create a work of art that honors the unique culture of the South Bay will help them appreciate art and where we live”, states Jacquelin O’Sullivan, Washington Elementary Principal. Jacqueline will lead a “Hands on Art” program with two 1st grade elementary art classes collaborating on an all student art collage. “Hands on Art” is a nonprofit organization that provides volunteers or “docents”
to help teach and encourage art in Redondo and Torrance schools.

The two first grade elementary art classes are also both dual immersion learning environments with students being taught in both English and Spanish. The “Hands on Art” project will focus on the particular work of an artist and inspire the students to express themselves in that particular style. The student paintings will then be assembled together into one collage for an unveiling to the student body at Washington Elementary on February 28th. The artwork will then be auctioned at Art90266 at Shade Hotel on April 24th. The proceeds from the auction will fund trips for these children, over 1,400 approximately, to LACMA where they can see first hand the artists that have inspired them.

In addition, there will be a red carpet screening of an Art90266 documentary by Hollywood Shorts, “Classroom 19”, for all the students, teachers and educational officials from the last all student art project with Tulita on April 3, 2014 at Shade hotel. A short teaser for the documentary can be seen here: - gpluscomments

LA25/Art90266 - Christopher Salling
RBEF, President – Tedd Craddock
Washington Elementary, Principal– Jacquelin O’Sullivan

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