Time to rescind Prop 13

April 19, 2011

Rescind Prop 13; assess property for current value - like virtually every other State in the Union - and use those more equitable tax revenues to educate our children. This isn't about some far away place you neither know nor care about. This is affecting the Hermosa Beach school system.

Rescinding Prop 13 isn't a panacea for our ongoing fiscal crisis. But it may address one important piece of it: education. In the process it may be a small step in reversing the trend of building an aristocracy at the expense of any semblance of a common good. Being part of an America where children are valued, where education is one of our highest priorities is a more noble vision than wanting to belong to an elite group that receives special treatment.

Now IS a time to reorder our financial priorities. It is time to begin re-building a society rather than fighting over who gets more special favors. It is a time to show our children we do care and we value deeply the contribution they will make. And we know that contribution can only be made if they are well prepared and well educated.

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